Saskatchewan Based Blogs You Should Check Out

One thing I love about blogging is that it gives me a chance to connect with other bloggers from the area and get to see what others are doing- it also gives me a chance to see how others do their blog and how we are different. It also gives me a chance to easily support some local talent and that’s what I want to do today! Today, I’m going to give you a list of a few other awesome bloggers that you should be checking out often for all things Saskatchewan!

Kenton de Jong
My name is Kenton de Jong, and I am a 27 year old Canadian with a love of travel.
Being from Regina, Saskatchewan, I’m used to big fields of wheat, corn, and mustard, as well as northern lakes, cold winters, colourful skies, and the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Although those things excite me, there’s nothing like the feeling of going into a new city, exploring a new area, or learning something exotic about a far corner of the planet.

Last counted, I have been to over a dozen countries, and two dozen cities. Some are in Canada of course, but some are distant places London, Hiroshima, New York and Hong Kong. My goal is to see over a hundred countries, if my wallet allows me. Being a Buddhist, I believe the majority of troubles in this world are caused by people not understanding each other, either their religion or their political beliefs. Can you imagine a foreigner traveling to Canada in November and seeing people wearing strange red flowers on their jackets? Just because a culture is different doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

All Natural Mothering
Hello, I’m Nancy, the mama blogger behind All Natural Mothering. My goal is to help you make the best natural choices for your baby.

If you have a fetish for toxic-free baby products, looking for safer and natural alternatives in this toxic filled world, then you and I share a very similar passion.
All Natural Mothering is dedicated to expecting, new or experienced moms who strive to make conscious choices that help cut down the chemical exposure to their children. From choosing chemical free diaper essentials to taking care of your little one’s health naturally – I got you covered!

Shifting Roots
Ever since I could talk, I’ve wanted to be a singer.  I got up the courage to act on my dream, and 2 degrees and a 12 year voice teaching career later, here I am.
Being a working musician/singer is definitely not what I thought it would be.  While I love it and will always have music in my life, the lifestyle is hard on my family and I’m ready to go in a new direction.

So where to look?  Back to my roots.

The Lost girls Guide To Finding The world 
Ashlyn George, supposed-to-be high school teacher turned world travel aficionado, has spent the last 7 years following her curiosity exploring more than 55 countries across 7 continents.
Completing two degrees in 2010 (B.A in English, B.Ed in Secondary Education), she booked a ticket across the world and took off on a planned 5-year solo adventure.
As an adrenaline junkie passionate about the outdoors, her blog offers advice on solo travel while detailing the adventurous side of traveling as a single woman.

An enthusiastic and passionate self-starter, Ashlyn is always looking for her next challenge. In 2015 Ashlyn was the official travel blogger and online personality for the province of Saskatchewan. She used her creative talents to document the unique stories of the people, businesses, and destinations in her own backyard. She shared these adventures through the mediums of film, writing, photography, and social media which can all be found at

Writing Momma Life
I grew up in a small town. I was shy and somewhat awkward in my small town school. (I’m still awkward). I graduated in 1998, and jumped into life outside my small town.

I travelled to three provinces in Canada with a program called Katimavik. It was an amazing experience, and at 17, it was life changing.  I met some amazing friends, and we are working on a 20 year reunion. I lived in Newfoundland, Ontario, and Quebec.

I worked for a year in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. I lived with my Grandma, and it was lovely. She is no longer here, but will always be my favourite person.

I went to university in Regina, Saskatchewan two years later, and graduated with a BA in English.

Not knowing what to do with a BA in English, I decided to teach English in South Korea. Another life changing experience. This one really helped me learn how to adapt, try new things, and jump right out of my shell. It was also right after a five-year relationship ended which changed my entire outlook on my travels.

Crusin Christine 
Who am I?

I’m many things, but here are the top ways I can explain to you what I am about.

I’m a traveler.  Meeting new people and trying new things makes me feel alive.  I want to see every corner of this Earth.

I’m a realist. I’m no longer single without kids and able to jump on a plane whenever I want.  ( Although I’m working at increasing my time abroad, again.)
I started this blog as a way to push myself to get out and explore my home province of Saskatchewan, and what do you know, there are a lot of fun adventures right here, in my own back yard.  This awareness has helped calm the overseas travel bug that bit me back in my early 20’s.  A bit, anyway!

I’m a dreamer.  I crave freedom.  I can talk to anyone, but am equally happy being secluded in the country surrounded by nature.

I’m a wife and step mom and it is my dream to inspire my family and others to get off the couch and explore.  I’ll try pretty much anything, but rarely master a skill, as I’m busy working on planning my next  new experience.
The last few years I have found a passion in helping promote small tourism businesses and events.  The owners inspire me and I love helping them gain exposure.  I admire that they are following their own dreams and I get inspired by the passion and effort they throw into their endeavors.

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